Jun 12, 2010

Day 48:

Life's mistakes never leave you. They will follow you for a long time. I have two options, either to give up or just keep working to move forward putting my feet on them.

It is being very difficult to move forward. My all precious time and all energy is going away in just learning driving things in France. Yes, I am responsible I didn't do in Holland where it was comparatively easy, and today I am being punished for this. Yes, life's mistakes never leaves you. My all energy is being zapped away. At the end of the day I have it on mind, next morning I have to wake up early and study/practice tests etc. Why...life is not simple for me?

There is a constant pressure on me from this world to drive a car. Driving was my passion in India. And here...it is a headache. Because I have to give an exam to obtain my license. The time when I should be giving my energy in charting our my career plan, teaching alphabets and poems to my daughter, I am studying myself. I hate this life, will India be different? I want to run away to my home, to my people, to my comfort zone....will it be better?

1 comment:

  1. Life is tough & has got new challenges everywhere whether it be France or India. Running away is not the solution & fighting from all the odds is one, that's what life is i guess. Everyone has his own share of problems & v got to fight our battles alone.
    Don't loose hope. Keep fighting. My best wishes to u always...
    Love & Luck