Jun 25, 2010

Day 61: Mothers

I used to wonder often that the kids who had beautiful mothers might be so happy about their mothers. My innocent myth was shattered when I became a mother. I am an average looking girl and my motherhood has made me realised that a kid loves his parents not what they are but he loves them by the measure of love and comfort he gets in their company. It does not matter if a parent is exceptionally beautiful. Love does not come from the beauty, it is the other way round- beauty comes with love.

Every parent dreams of a beautiful life for his kid and also toils for the kids all their lives. It is such a revealation to be a parent. It is not easy. The path is full of responsibilites, sacrifices and compromises. The day has to start before the kid wakes up and the day sometimes also starts when the kid goes to bed at night. It is the passage in between that determines the satisfaction of the kid and the parents. How well the parents have fared in the daytime to give a worthy day to the kid is so important. This is true especially for the kids who are at home and do not go to any daycare or school. The home has to be his first school and the parents have to be the teachers. It is the imagination that plays the role so pivotal in making kids learn something or the other, every day. That is and that should be the beauty of parents. The physical appearance has nothing to do with the warmth, the love, the joy and the learning that the kid gets or must get from his parents.


  1. Good post shaifali ji ..yes parenting is really tough responsibility to handle and indeed beauty comes with love...