Jun 16, 2010

Day 52: Positive energy

Positive energy brings positive results. I am experiencing this. My scores for driving tests are improving and in turn my positive energy also increasing. Positive attracts positive for my life.

With a small improvement in my life (being a stability in scores), things does not look that harsh. It gives me enthusiasm and confidence that 'yes, I can do it'! It is a nice feeling-a sense of achievement. This can come from the smallest of the tasks we perform and enable us to perform hardest of tasks. Sense of achievement brings a sense of fulfilment. We try to bring it from many sources. People working in a office try to get it from the quality of their work, better social and interpersonal skills and timely work. People working in house try to obtain it from cooking, maintaining a discipline of the house, keeping a clean and lively atmosphere at house etc. The level of task being performed does not matter, it is the energy obtained from it is what matters. This is so because this energy feeds into other areas of our lives. How true, for a heart full of locve, love is everywhere. Similarly, for a positive person, life's struggles are defeatable and life is a challenge that can be handled positively. He is surely in possession of a divine energy.

I love this state of my mind....!


  1. Well said...positive energy attracts positive energy.....It is all state of mind!!

  2. Exactly. The more we come to terms with this fact, more serene, happy and peaceful we become and then success just follows.