May 6, 2010

Day 11: Let me wander today....

Wow....having a cup of ginger tea while I am writing this post. Good combination....self expression and my favourite drink....

It had been a bad day. It has been raining in France for last 3-4 days and we are caged inside. Today, however the Sun didn't show it's face but at least the rain ceased and so I decided to be out as soon as possible. Me and Avni packed our stuff to go to Antibes and enjoy the square & even the icecream in somewhat cold weather. I also visualized us sitting in the toy train that goes from Antibes to Juan Les Pins, in 40 minutes. It should be so much fun. Well, but the day for us was already decided and we waited for the bus for 40 minutes, it didn't arrive instead sent a few showers of rain forcing us to go back home and feel bad & cranky.

All this brought a bad feeling and at home I just laid down myself on the couch watching Indian Idol. But the music there also didn't bring peace to my inner hullabaluu. I thought....oh God! why I don't have my driving license....and the regret of not obtaining it in Holland etc. all came to my mind. I was more sad now. Just then, my heart sang a poem which is exactly the theme of this post:

Let me wander today,
all alone,
in the green fields,
blooming flowers,
smelling lavanders,
humming a tune.

Let me wander today,
not aimlessly
but mind full of thoughts
reflecting direction of life,
guiding me each step
one by one
to that one goal
I am looking for.

Let me wander today,
away from all the obligations,
from all routine chores,
free to do something new
just on my own
all alone.

Let me wander today,
to search for a reason
for my existence
for my thoughts,
and for my battle
with myself
and this world.

Yes, let me wander today
all alone
and when I come back,
there is a smile on my face
hope in my heart
and a fire in my mind!!!

I don't know what wandering I am referring to in these words but it is something I am longing for. Perhaps, longing to be something and somebody.


  1. Yet another beautiful poem !
    Have been reading ur posts regularly... its almost like checking my mails/ orkut/ FB on a daily basis. I lyk them all. The way u r thriving to learn, improve n aim. At the end of each one of them 'm compel to relate myself to the same topic & give a thot to it. May be wid u, aiming n improving n ticking ur bucket list, i shall also accomplish a few wid ur grace ! :)

  2. Thanks a lot. I have written a poem after ages, but it is so close to my heart that I like it. Keep reading and that will keep my motivations high :-)