May 7, 2010

Day 12: Is life all about....

Is life always about improvements?
Is life always about acceptance
and change,
and again change and
Is life always about struggle
and weighing its results,
how far I made and
how far you went?
Is life always about my anger
and the desperation to
move forward?
Is life always about
graphing the slope and see
how better I performed?
Is life always about
moving n moving?

May be today when I write these lines, I am questioning the destiny of my life. My heart and head is filled with anguish, anger and perhaps, suffocation too. Why this is so when I know I am not moving enough to answer all my questions that my head asks my heart and the ones that my heart keeps on asking my head? is full of so many questions ....and I have to find the answers. The irony is, life is moving so slow and my patience is running out. I wish, I could make my life run....


  1. Keep ur patience. I feel u r moving jus alrit...not too fast - not too slow. At times i feel u r thinking too hard.