May 28, 2010

Day 33: Fete des Voisins

28th May, the last friday of the month of May is celebrated as 'Fete des Voisins' in France. Voisins means neighbours. This is a day where all the people residing in a domain/colony come together with some or the other stuff to eat & drink and meet each other.

It was my first of its kind of experience. I made pakoras with tamarind chutney. I used courgette (zuchini), potatoes and green capsicum for the pakoras. I expected my neigbours would like them as it is an exotic dish for them. Yes, it was an instant hit and were finished very soon. I got to hear comments like 'bravo', 'felicitations', 'tres delicieux' etc. Well, I was happy as my hard work paid off nicely.

However, I could not accomplish the main purpose of the day, to meet new people and make some contacts to enhance further. I saw people who lived closed by each other formed a group and were having chats. I was very hesitant to go further and just say 'bonjour' and start a conversation. I talked to a lady who was born in Paris and told me this does not happen in Paris as it is a big city. Well...

Man is a social animal. He needs company. Often, I feel lonely as I do not have friends like I used to have in India. I miss going to movies, restaurants with friends, driving my kinectic honda, meeting family and relatives, talking to neighbours like family, sharing food with them, & so much. But moving on is life and though I feel nostalgic I have somewhere accepted the fact that the old days should stay in memories and hardly be relived again. Times, people, circumstance, myself, responsibilities all have changed and life never takes an U-turn. Well, I am quite happy with the life with a few improvements here & there, a few smiles now n then and a little discipline, and it would definitely be better.

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