May 19, 2010

Day 24: A fun day with Avni

Today we had a fun day, me & Avni. After having breakfast, we went to her room and I gave her a balloon. As we are trying to teach her colors, I asked her color of the balloon. Right now, every color is somehow pink.(Fully girlish!) Suddenly, I had an idea. I gave her many balloons and told her that we have a party in her room today. To my surprise, she started keeping her toys in their boxes in order to make the room clean for the party. We tied the balloons on a thread, hung it on the wall. Then we cleaned the room, kept her small car & roads carpet in the center of the room, her toys around it. We also pasted some glow stars on the various places on the walls, I also made her do this by her tiny hands. She enjoyed every bit of it. I also took some pictures afterwards of the room, and she readily posed in one of them for me with her photograph smile (ya, actually she tries to smile for the photograph, I must admit she has her natural smile more beautiful than this one).

In the evening, I dressed her in the dress she wore on her first birthday, an all frills pink frock. She was very happy also because of the dress and because Shishir got her a gift for her party, a gems packet. We all dined in her room, and only after that the party was over.

I did all this so that Avni gets to see and feel new things-the frills, the pumping of the balloons, a simple thread, the joy of celebrating, learning to clean for a purpose & also keeping the room clean for a longer period of time :-) . Simple things in life give so much pleasure. I was full of joy for her. She danced, sang and had lots of fun in the evening, played music and laughed (touchwood!). I am very relaxed today (so not thinking about things to be done the next day or the improvements pending in life) after spending such a simple yet relaxing, fun, creative and happy day with my angel.

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