May 8, 2010

Day 13: Being a parent!

Babies are so much bliss and this can not be felt just by reading these feelings. They are known and understood only after having them. Many a times I feel I am blessed by having Avni. She is such a beautiful child, much more beautiful by heart. She is adorable! Well, to every parent, their child is the centre of universe for them.

Parenting is the toughest of all the tasks I have ever had and the most 'responsible' responsibility for me. There are no short cuts or tricks to raise a kid. All that is required is summed up in one word: 'discipline'. In one of my earlier posts, I have talked about the essesence of discipline in one's life. I have realized that it's impact becomes much more magnified with a baby to take care of. It all flows down to them. The way we talk, we behave, we conduct ourselves, we dress up etc. all casts a big influence on our kids. Our values and our thoughts shape so much of their initial years, one can not imagine.All parenting experts and guides emphasize the importance of structure or routine. This helps the babies to know in advance what is coming and accordingly their bodies get rest and excitement, thereby channelizing their energies in the right direction. To be honest, now after 2 years we have been able to set a routine, rather a consistent one. It needed us to be structured and disciplined. Tough task it was and it is!!!

Toddlers yet need much more energy channelization as they are at a stage where their mind is full of questions and they want to experience so many things. My angel is now trying every word that we speak and we are amazed how many she can store in her little head :-). It is at this stage so important for us to channelize her leaning in the right direction. We read to her some or the other book everyday from quite some time now and we can see she has developed this liking for book reading. It makes me so happy to see her keeping her book on the lap and busy reading it.

It is so much heartening and joyous to see kids grow. It makes you do your best for them. You never want to compromise. I everyday live by these words by C. Everest koop-"Life affords no greater responsibility, no greater privilege, than the raising of the next generation".

While trying to do my best as a mother, I also realize and better understand my parents and what they have gone through while raising me. I remember and wish I could turn back the times when I have not asked persistently for something(without which I could also have done) and had their money spent on it...Oh! I wish so much to take this back. I remember how we used to celebrate festivals together, buying rangoli colors and new dresses for Diwali, or buying colors for holi and masks & colorful feather caps for Dusshera.....they have done so much at every occasion to make life so happy and enjoyable. I wish I would also do the same for my daughter and be a good parent just like my own parents. I wish I can work harder to bring fun, love and at the same time discipline in our lives so that my daughter never has these things in any less.

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