May 9, 2010

Day 14: Near the sea....

I went to the beach, near Hippodrome, Cagnes Sur Mer today. I loved the sea today, don't know what was so special about it. In fact, the Sun was missing and also the warmth of the atmosphere was not present. It was not cold, therefore I let my jeans and my shoes get washed away by the waves. Somehow I felt some sort of peace there. I didn't feel it from a long time, so can not term it as absolute peacefulness. My heart was happy and my mind was empty. I didn't think of the n number of goals I am setting for myself each day and just running after them. And that is where, this poem came to my heart:

An empty mind

My mind is empty today
devoid of thoughts
and yet peace too.

An empty mind-
a mark of running away
or a signature of accomplishment
after long tiredness?

An empty mind-
a bucket to pour all
from inside the heart
or a pretense to
hide the heart!

An empty mind-
is it really empty
or just an escape from
all the dreams and goals?

An empty mind-
is it like the silence
of the waves
or the fanthom of their

An empty mind-
is it like the pebbles
washed away by the waves
or the struggle of the pebbles
to come back with every wave?

An empty mind-
is it like the lone boat
in the sea or
the hope of that boat
to catch a living?

An empty mind-
is it always empty
or a trumphet to
coming storms!

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