May 20, 2010

Day 25: Observation

I had an observation about me today (well, I had this earlier too a few times). if I know what can occur in the next few minutes, may be within a short period of time say half an hour, I roll that movie in front of my eyes and accordingly change my behavior. Actually, if I feel I will be going to say something in anger or irritation, I try to analyze if I am doing it right or at least I am in the right position to do it and if I feel no, this what I will be doing is wrong, I immediately calm myself and decide my course of behavior. I decide my body language, my words and of course my action. And I am right...I am saved and spared from being unreasonably harsh and irritating.

I have experienced this, now for a few times, and it has given me a lot of peace of mind as I behave good after this analysis. I was wondering if we knew what is coming next, we can be so well prepared and behave rationally. Or at least why not think and analyze for a few minutes before behaving harshly. I am also not doing it but thinking to give it a try. I am sure to be more peaceful in the coming days.

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