May 2, 2010

Day 7: Discipline- so important yet so difficult

I am realising it from so many many days and everyday so many times that life is all about discipline. It is a never ending process of growing and improving one self. Well, the wish to grow and improve should come from inside, but once it is there it is always there-dormant or active. Therefore, if the momentum, about which I talked about in my last post, is lost, I believe the wish, the craving to get it back still lies deep, most of the times may be sleeping somewhere sound.

If I have to grow, I must wake up my momentum in such a way that it keeps things rolling for me. All this has one key, that is discipline. One has to constantly keep on enforcing himself to do what needs or what must be done to improve, to grow and to feel what a meaningful life is. Yes, discipline lets an individual find the meaning of his life. Discipline makes available abundant amount of time to chart out one's life's plan. It gives so much time to introspect and look inside for strengths and weaknesses.

Nowadays, I am in constant search for discipline for myself. Everyday I spend it unlike the last day in order to achieve something better (even if it is efficiency) at the end of the day. I am determined to reach a point in my life where I can say, "yes, my life is in my control". I think for me, my discipline starts from disciplining my body. A man is often the slave of his senses. The more he surrenders, the more he is asked to surrender. Fat people go on getting fat because they can't control their temptations. A thief hardly stops stealing because he is so much into it. His mind is so much into it. A healthy mind is mostly the outcome of a healthy body. I need to be the master of my body, and not the other way round. It is so difficult. I think the people who have a strict diet or exercise regime would agree with me. Initially it is so difficult to get into that regime, each day, bringing oneself to do some yoga, exercise, eat healthy....all is so hard because I liked the words of my mother- "Aaj kaaya ko jitna kasht doge, utna hi tumhe voh aage sukh degi. Aur jitna aaj sukh doge, utna hi kasht kal milega". How true, but I am waiting....for a good day, when I will ample time to look after my body and my senses, when I won't have any responsibilities to take my time etc.....but dear, such a day will never come. When I know all, why don't I execute?????? I think, I will try again like an ant climbing the wall, and would definitely come back with a post saying 'yes I am succeeding!, yes I achieved it'.

I think, taking control of the body will enable a person to take control of his mind that's going to shape his life further. And that's what is the ultimate purpose of life, to live in a meaningful way.Success, growth, improvement, satisfaction and happiness all comes from a peaceful meaningful life, which is always a result of discipline.

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  1. wow, i am an alien in the dreamworld......totally bereft of dreams .People with dream fascinate me coz there is where life resides.

    Want to live but no intesrst in life.
    want to dream but no courage and creativity.
    life is a painful responsbility which do not want to leave in between.

    looking for some connection to positive energy .possible?