May 30, 2010

Day 35: Freedom

I missed yesterday. Whole day got busy for some or the other reason and evening was hit by a terrible headache. I never had such a thing before. Oh my God, it was something really bad. Well, back to my space again.

This word 'space' reminds me of freedom. Freedom to express, freedom to think and freedom to react. I don't think I am doing enough justice to the space. I am not free, free by my mind to write (well, to think ofcourse).

Anyways, my hands are still full of the tasks I need to do and the goals I need to achieve. Well, a few short term but would have long term effects. Probably, from tomorrow I would change a few things to speed up the process of achieving them.I think I am still struggling with a few basic things in life (partly because I live alone and don't have any social pressures that are experienced in India) like setting up a routine for sleep times, and for various other tasks that if done on time won't be a burden later. I think I need to work on this again with a new perspective and strategy. Also, need to be make my body more active and sleep less. How important it is to exercise control over these small things...well, still hopeful and tomorrow is a new day! Good luck to me.

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  1. Waitng for ur blogs n all tht u missed in between.