May 11, 2010

Day 16: Forced learning to Creative learning- the path

A rage takes me over when I feel, "yes, I will do this soon and show it to you". And then I put out all my energies to finish this work I am talking about in rage. I often think do I learn in the process? The answer is sometimes yes, and sometimes no. I think I can come up with two terms- creative learning and forced learning. When a person learns while doing something when he has an obligation (and that too!) in anger/frustation/pain, he is undergoing forced learning. On the other hand, when a person involves himself in a task and enjoys the whole process of doing it by being calm, sincere and open, he is much more creative in his mind and that's when he undergoes creative learning.

I often dislikes being told what to do and how to do. I think this is the case with a lot of people of my and younger generations. And when I have not performed a task (repeatatively), and if I am guided, I get into the mode of forced learning. I do the job in anger and anguish, harming my body and my mind, both at the same time. I should think and understand how forced learning can gradually transform into creative learning. May be need to have patience and take up the responsbility of performing the job with 'responsibility'.
  • Patience is the foremost word for creative learning.
Secondly, the energy that is being wasted in anger and rage, should be noted as 'negative'. It is one energy that does so much harm to the thoughts contained in human mind. We should think of converting this negative energy to the positive one. It is like finding the silver lining behind every cloud. When we are negative about others or about ourselves, we must take a pause and sit down. Yes, sit down and think about your achievements till date, remember the process you underwent to be proud of those accomplishments, and therefore, realize is there anybody in world who can snatch that self-respect you earned from these endeavours? An honest answer is NO. Then, why to lose patience and undermine my abilities just because I didn't perform this time and I am held responsible for this. It shuld immediately be conveyed to the mind that there is always a next time. But always have an attitude next time is there only once.
  • Next time is the last and only time.
But do not stop for the next time to come. During this period, think the reasons why you didn't perform? Was it bodily factors or mental factors or some other reasons? Figure them out, because from there comes the factors that will make you perform as expected.

It should always be remembered that past success and past failures both stand equally as a light house. One gives you energy to move forward and the other gives you reasons to move forward. Both are equally necessary for a happy and meaningful life.
  • Past is important. It enables to look to the future while your feet and hands work in present.
I am realizing it is very easy to write and to think than to actually do. So, I think I can sum up that when I am full of anguish, anger, hopelessness and a feeling of revenge, take a deep breath and realize at the very same moment, the forced learning if dealt with consistent sincere effort, there will be no doubt it is soon going to be a creative process for me.

Couple consistency with patience and last time attitude keeping the past in mind.

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