May 25, 2010

Day 30: 'nadi mile sagar mein'

Today our four days stay in the Vesubie Valley amongst the giant rocky mountains,tuning cascades, snow covered peaks and the curvy paths came to an end. While returning from the valley to Nice, the road was accompanied parallely by river Var. It was spread in a very broad area. I was looking out the window of the car and intently watching the running river. Actually, yes the river seemed to run. Like its water was rushing to some destination. I realized the destination is the Mediterranean sea, and on the coast is situated the beautiful and grand city of Nice.

In my mind, my thoughts hummed a tune 'oh re taal mile nadi ke jal me'. I was amazed to see the rushing water, I could feel each wave, old or new from the last point, was running and only running desperately to the sea. I felt each water drop in the river was anxious and excited to merge in the sea and lose its entity. How philosophical, by losing its entity as the river, the river gains the status as the sea.

I could see that in life we all need to rush towards our destination with the enthusiasm, excitement and anxiousness like that of a river to reach our final goal, the sea of our personal dreams and ambitions. In the process, we need to jump and leave behind over pebbles, stones etc. without giving up.

The flowing and running river filled me with a profound thought to rush to my goals with zeal and hardwork and never give up in the middle. This post of mine will be incomplete without this song, one of my favourites:

ओह रे ताल मिले नदी के जल में
नदी मिले सागर में
सागर मिले कौनसे जल में
कोई जाने ...

सूरज को धरती तरसे
धरती को चन्द्रमा
पानी में सीप जैसे प्यासी हर आत्मा
बूँद छिपी किस बादल में
कोई जाने
ओह रे ताल...

अनजाने होठों पर क्यों पहचाने गीत हैं
कल तक जो बेगाने थे जन्मों के मीत हैं
क्या होगा कौनसे पल में
कोई जाने
ओह रे ताल...

-Film: Anokhi raat
Singer: Mukesh

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