May 17, 2010

Day 22: Being your own mother!

I was thinking today (like everyday) of all the things I want and I need to do in my life, all the improvements I need to make in my words/actions/behaviours. Suddenly, I felt the need of a magic wand that I whip and things will be perfect. Wow....ethopia!!!!

While all this was turmoiling in my mind, I realized like very often that I need discipline and routine the most. I am being an ant like I posted in my last month's post, but I am also falling down like an ant. I remembered how my mother used to wake me up in the morning around 4 or 5 for studies, for revisions, for completing my fair copies etc, how she manages the house in one perfect circle from one day to the another and on and on. I remembered how my breakfast was always ready and it was me who used to skip it (now I miss it sooooooo much), how my dresses were always found ironed, how the house was always so clean n organized. Oh my God...I realize it everyday how valueable and priceless are the contributions of our parents in our making.

For one time in my life, I would like to take the place of my mother for my own self. Just this time and this will be my magic wand. If I be my own mother, how discipline, routine and organization will pop in my life as if they were never absent. Yes, if all of us become our mothers to ourselves, we are surely going to achieve all that we want to achieve on the path of our goals.

I love you mamma! Thanks is such a small word for the uncountable sacrifices n efforts you have put in, yet it is a small word to express my feelings.

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