May 13, 2010

Day 18: Talking and keeping mum....

Do I mind keeping mum when everyone else has something to contribute? Well, the answer is no. I think I am so much used to keeping quiet and just smiling & listening to what everyone else has to say. And I...just a few words in between...! I was just thinking about this and asking myself why. Is the topic not interesting or the company or my lack of knowledge about things being talked about?

Well, there are so many general talks which do not require special knowledge about a particular topic and a lot of people talk a lot in them....why I am not one of them? It is not that I am unhappy with this situation on a whole...but sometimes I feel I should speak. I think the roots of the problem goes to the connection, more specifically to the will to connect. But I think I have the will to connect...then?

I need to think deep what kind of people I find interesting and also I am comfortable with?Do I like to talk about hobbies/passions/jobs/etc....or just chatter and gossip....I think it is a long road for me to discover me and my connection skills.

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