May 26, 2010

Day 31: The art of raising a child

My hands are full with the preparation for French theory driving exam, searching for creche for the kiddie, practising my French, etc. one more thing and all the work spills.

Amongst all this, my mind is often occupies with various questions about parenting. I ask myself and also judge myself if I am doing things right for my kiddie. Being away from the immediate families in India, it is so important for the parents (like us living outside India) to think of many steps ahead for the development of their child. They need to be always on toes. I am concerned if this should be a natural process or a process consisting of various steps carried out with lots of efforts. In India, with the grand-parents (or also without them), there is so much that the child learns subconsciously. But we have to make an extra effort.

Each day, I think what new should I do that my daughter enjoys her day and also learns something each day. She is often full of energy when Shishir returns from office and I wonder what she had done in the day time to take out this energy reserve. She needs to be out with other kids, she needs to run, play with ball, enjoy nature, touch grass/flowers/stones/ much for her to enjoy and make her day interesting. But I am so much engrossed with my own things and evaluations, that most of the times I care for her/feed her/dress her up/play somethings with her/sing her some poems/put cartoons and I am on my own & she on her own. I am tired all day to be involved with her all day. I often ask, am I doing enough and I always have a list of things which I can still do.

I think, raising a child is an art as well as a science. Today, I will talk only about art. It is so much a process full of patience and years of hard work/discipline. It is not easy, it is so full of responsibility and regularity. The colors we offer, would reflect in our painting. Same with a child. A vibrant personality comes up with the vibarnt hues offered to him. A dull canvas would bring dull colors and eventually, a dull picture.

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