May 10, 2010

Day 15: Life keeps on rolling....

Strongly feeling nowadays that we just need to keep the life rolling for a certain period of time and then automatically the momentum is gained, turning actions into habit.

The difficult (and lazy) part is this constant rolling. Discipline, persistence, determination and positive energy is so much a part of this rolling, that the rolling is influenced by all of these factors. The universe is made and full of energy. Positive energy, hope, inner peace and contentment are all positive words. We can not experience the impact of positive energy if we have not known what negative energy do to us. It just swaps out the life out of us. It is so important to keep getting a daily does of positivity. I think I must start some meditation. I often think what is meditation. For me, when my mind is devoid of thoughts i.e. I am not thinking anything (does not matter, good or bad, positive or negative) then I feel yes, I am meditating. But the funny and saddening thing for me is the more I try to empty the mind, the more it is filled with thoughts and clutter. But for some people, meditation is not emptying, rather it is filling the mind with positive and inspiring, peace-bringing thoughts. Anyways, the goal is same, to obtain peace and be at ease with yourself as a mind, as a body and as a thought. I will keep posted once I start meditating!

Meditation is one way of obtaining peace. For me, the other ways are getting satisfaction of completing certain tasks I started. Recently, I bought pretty expensive roller blades because I dream of skating confidently and beautifully. But the fear of getting hurt is putting me off from starting it. I have to reemphasize in my mind that once I learn it, I will be so happy and in peace with one of my I think I am going to start it regularly this weekend onwards.

In the coming days, I will keep posting how I let the things rolling and how I am achieving small little accomplishments to make myself a happy and confident person.

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