May 12, 2010

Day 17: Hunting for a creche

Babies need a lot of interaction to grow and dissipate their energies in the right manner. Being away from families, Avni has no choice except to play with us, watch cartoons on youtube & CDs, play with her toys & even talk to them. My heart goes out for her loneliness. When sometimes in a park she gets a chance to play with some kid, she is suddenly very excited. I can feel her joy of interaction and being around other kids. Therefore, we decided to put her in a creche for some hours, a few times a week. But you know, it is all about planning, especially life outside India.

My neigbour (as she is French) helped me make calls to a number of creche and even the municipal corporation that allotes creche and the preschool. She talked to these people and after every phone call told me 'they' are fully booked. Oh my God! was my reaction. I was just dreaming may be Avni goes to a playschool in June and she will be happy, learning new things and learning to be with other kids. But these creche and preschools have no place even for the new session starting from September. I was really pissed off.....but who I was angry/frustated at?

I always knew life is all about planning here. It is something which I hated earlier and still does not fully utilize this concept. But planning, anticipating things/events/tasks is so much important so as not to miss important marks in life. My fingers are still crossed as some creche has put us on the waiting list. I ask God to give me one more chance to be careful next time and be a better planner. I think I have one opportunity coming up before me, that is to plan our summer vacations. I think I am going to write about this next week in a post.

Till then, with fingers crossed....I hope I will be a better(!)/ or atleast a planner for some things in my life :-)

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