May 3, 2010

Day 8: Life is made of small things...

Yes, life is a made of small things that are capable of giving big happiness. It is just a matter of realizing what these small things are and how you can achieve them.

Last year, my husband showed me a movie-'Bucket list'* . It is about two people who are ill and their lives coming to an end decide to make a list of the things they want to do before they die. The movie appealed to me and I thought one day I would make my bucket list. It is more than a year and my list is yet not ready. Today, I think the time has come and I feel passionate inside to make it. While thinking of all the possible things, I realize I do not want big things or big money in life but still these things may give me so much happiness. I think one's bucket list will always be incomplete till the time he is dying. Everyday with one or more realizations and experiences, there can be an addition to this list. My list for now goes like this:
  • Take up the job I want. I think my list should start with acquiring the understanding of what kind of job I want to do.
  • Learn one Indian classical dance and join a group/troop for some years.
  • Take up the Masters of Arts in English Literature.
  • Buy myself a 'red' Santro car.
  • Be a terrificly confident car-driver.
  • Read 'Ramayana' and learn most of the 'chaupayee' by heart.
  • Learn a lot of bhajans and to be able to sing them beautifully with 'ras'.
  • Buy myself a diamond ring.
  • Learn skating and be able to skate confidently & beautifully on the Hippodrome Cote d'azur beach.
  • Be a professor.
While I am writing (and feeling) this list, why I am thinking what is possible and what is not, today? If I have a wish, I should just see what I require to fulfill it and not analyze it now whether I would achieve it or not. That's what the whole point is. The bucket list enables us to see what we aim and wish in our lives, and when we achieve them we are sure to get some happiness. It equips us with some enthusiasm and determination to make something of ourselves, to make the life as we want it to be and not the other way round. For example, if I wish to climb the Mount Everest, I should think the possible ways to achieve it, starting from acquiring a good stamina.

Right now itself, I feel there is so much I want to do in my life that there is no single minute to waste. I can probably feel the happiness I will feel when I will tick out the things as done from this list. I will keep coming to this post if things are ticked out or there is more to add....


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