May 18, 2010

Day 23: Varied thoughts

My mind is full of so many thoughts today. This post is going to be a mix of all of them rather my usually long posts:

If somethings don't happen on intended time, they drag and become too painful later on. Important is to realize such things in life early, start making a plan and foremost, keep the determination & momentum. For me, "Keep the momentum" is most important.

I always loved this quote: life is a challenge that keeps on challenging. The love for this quote probably has stuck with the life right now. Too many small things to accomplish before I start aiming at the big things in life. "Why do small things trouble so much?"

Amidst all the hullabaloo of life, my kiddie is my breeze. I just love her so much by every passing second. I Just pray for her well-being today and always. Touchwood!

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